Personal Work (2016)

With the rapid development of modern society, commodity economy is a logic widely accepted by the public, namely an economic form for the direct purpose of exchange. Being another type of commodity economy, trade of eroticism is as simple as buying meat in the supermarket both of which are emotionless. We can exchange money with food which can satisfy our desire. The same applies to the trade of eroticism in which people can satisfy their sexual desire with money.

In the sociology, the sex industry is referred to as a reservoir of labor force. In case of labor force surplus, some of the labor force will be stored in the sex industry; after the economy recovers with a need for labor force in the market, they will become labor force again. As for the male, in case of economic depression featuring a low salary, they would not have enough deposit to get married. In contrast, the prosperous sex industry enables them to release their physiological anxiety.

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