Personal work  (2020)

The day of no especial day.

As usual

Same u

Same sky

Same u

Same air

Same lonely

Same me

As everyone else

That feeling of nothingness, like a black hole one the wall. Like sitting alone in front of the lamp.

Feel like the entire world is blank and you stand in the middle, pointlessly.

At that moment I felt my shadow, it was separating from me.

Stand right in front of me.

He didn't say anything, he even have no features.

I can still feel he was looking right though me, coldly but intimately..

I'm a bit dizzy, the feeling of the unremarkable aversion to the world make me wanna drowning into his darkness body which is a blue rose from nowhere.

I'm drowning...

Finally I landed.

Lost in the jungle.

「Blue rose」: Things never seen before , Miracles and the impossible

© by raegao.